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Unicook Universal Replacement Heavy Duty Adjustable Porcelain Steel Heat Plate Shield, Heat Tent, Flavorizer Bar, Burner Cover, Flame Tamer for Gas Grill, Extends from 11.75" up to 21" L, 4 Pack
  • Adjustable grill heat plates extend from 11.75” up to 21” long, 3.75” wide, fits most gas grills. If installed reversely, the length will be extended from 11.75” to 18.37” only.
  • Grill heat shield prevents flare-ups and protects burners to prolong life, prevents direct exposure to flame and distributes heat evenly.
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Zemibi Grill Burner Tube, 4 PC Universal Stainless Steel Pipe Tube BBQ Gas Repair Parts Kits for Brinkmann, Charmglow, Uniflame and Outdoor Gourmet Grill Models, Grill Replacement for CTB3, 15.875"
  • Grill pipe burner measures - L 15.875" x W 1"; ▲Make of high strength stainless steel material, possess corrosion resistance and strong continuous performance, extend the service life of your grill; ▲Original Part Numbers - 812-7140-0, CTB3
  • Burner Fits for Gas Grill Brinkmann Models - 6330, 6430, 7231, 810-1455-S, 810-1456-S, 810-2400-3, 810-4040-0, 810-4040-B, 810-4420-F, 810-6330-B, 810-6330-W, 810-6430-W, 810-7231-W, 810-7400-F, 810-7400-S, 810-7441S, 810-7490-F, 810-7600-F, 810-7600-S
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Criditpid Grill Replacement Parts for Members Mark BQ06043-1, Kenmore 119.16433010, Universal BBQ Grill Pipe Burner Tube for BBQ Pro, Outdoor Gourmet, Coleman, 15 3/8 Inch, 4-Pack
  • ★ Grill Burners Replacement Parts for Members Mark BQ06043-1, B09SMG1-3F, B09SMG-3 Grill Models. ★ Grill Burner Tubes for Outdoor Gourmet BQ06W1B, B070E4-A, B10SR10-C, BQ06WIC Models.
  • ★ Gas Grill Pipe Burner Replacement for Ken/more 119.16433010, 119.16301800, 119.16311800, 119.16658010, 119.162310, 119.16302800, 119.16658011, 119.16434010, 119.16312800, 119.162300, 119.16240, 119.16301, 119.16676800, 162300, BQ06W1B, 119.16311, 119.17676800, 16301, 16302, 16311, 16312, 640-784047-110, BQ06WIC Models.
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Grill Cover, BBQ Grill Cover, Waterproof, Weather Resistant, Rip-Proof, Anti-UV, Fade Resistant, with Adjustable Velcro Strap, Gas Grill Cover for Weber,Char Broil,Nexgrill Grills, etc. 58 inch, Black
  • 💕 [Super Heavy-duty Material (Waterproof & Dustproof & Anti-UV)]💕 Made of oxford cloth material, it has the function of waterproof in rain and dustproof and anti-UV in sunny day. No matter what the weather, it can prevent strong wind, rain, storm, intense sunshine, dust, snow, etc. and keep it clean.
  • 💕[Adjustable Velcro Straps & Elastic Hem Rope]💕 Considerate design, Velcro straps on both sides and adjustable bottom hem rope, adjustable lid to prevent the lid from being blown away. Don't worry about windy days.
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Broil King 958344 Regal S590 Pro Gas Grill, 5-Burner, Stainless Steel
  • MAKE THE PERFECT STEAK - with patented stainless steel Dual-Tube? burners and the innovative Flav-R-Wave? stainless steel cooking system, the Regal S590 Pro will give you even temperatures across the cooking surface ensuring juicy and delicious results
  • DURABLE COOKING GRIDS - solid rod 9mm stainless steel cooking grids are up to 56% heavier than those in comparable grills, providing great heat retention and giving bold sear marks; stainless steel provides lasting durability so your grill is always ready
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Direct Store Parts Kit DG198 Replacement for Uniflame Pinehurst GBC850W Gas Barbecue Grill Burner,Heat Plate
  • Special Notes for this item: If you are looking for parts, the BRAND and MODEL No.# (if provided, this item might be compatible with) listed below are just for your reference as shopping guide. Please DO double check the size and shape of your original parts, and compare with ours before ordering.
  • Replacement for Uniflame Pinehurst GBC850W Gas Barbecue Grill ; Original Part Numbers: 55-08-170, 5508170, 55-08-168, 5508168;
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Hiorucet Heat Plates Shields for Home Depot Nexgrill 5 Burner 720-0888, 720-0896, 720-0888N, 720-0882A, 720-0882S Gas Grill, 4 Burner 720-0830H Stainless Steel Flame Tamer Replacement Parts (5 Pack)
  • ➤Grill Heat Plate Replacement Parts for Nexgrill 5 Burner 720-0888, 720-0888N, 720-0882A, 720-0882S, 720-0896, 720-0888A Models.
  • ➤The heat plate kit also fit nexgrill 720-0830H, 720-0864, 720-0864M, 720-0894F, 720-0896CA, 720-0958A, 720-0697, 720-0697E, 720-0737, 720-0783E, 720-0825, 720-0830A, 720-0830D, 720-0864R, 720-0896B, 720-0896C, 720-0896E, 720-0898, 720-0925, 720-0925P, 720-0925S, 730-0896, 730-0898 models.
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Blackstone 36" Cooking Station 4 Burner Propane Fuelled Restaurant Grade Professional 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle with Built in Cutting Board, Garbage Holder and Side Shelf (1825), Black
  • NEW FEATURES - This unit comes equipped with Blackstone's new and improved side shelf giving the user a removable cutting board, convenient paper towel holder, and strategically placed trash bag hooks. PLUS Blackstone's new rear grease management system to help eliminate mess.
  • RESTAURANT STYLE COOKING - With 720sq inches of flat top grilling, this griddle is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cook eggs, pancakes, quesadillas, grilled cheese, steak, potatoes, teppanyaki style foods and more. Also enjoy a bottom shelf, side shelf and the NEW side shelf with cutting board, paper towel holder and trash bag hooks.
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BBQ-Element Stainless Steel Grill Burner Tubes Replacement for Nexgrill 720-0830H, 720-0783E, 720-0864, Gas Grill Pipe Burners for Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Nexgrill 720-0830A Gas Grill.(4 Pack)
  • ➤ The Burner Tubes Dimensions: 14 7/8" x 1", ➤The Pipe Tube Material: Stainless Steel, ➤Includes 4 Grill Burner Tubes. ➤ Cooks better, Lasts longer, Extend the life of your grill, Exact-fit parts.
  • ★ Grill Burners Replacement for Nexgrill Grill 720-0783E, 720-0830A, 720-0830D, 720-0830H, 720-0864, 720-0864M, 720-0882S, 720-0888, 720-0888A, 720-0888N, 720-0894F, 720-0896CA, 720-0958A. ★ Gas Grill Pipe Burner Replacement for BBQ Pro Grill 122.47207610, 122.57901710, 720-0894R.
asda uniflame 4 burner bbq

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For those who are in love with barbecue lines, online pre-orders of asda uniflame 4 burner bbq are a godsend. Our big selection of BBQ grills and smokers includes built-in and freestandinggas grills, charcoal grills, barbeque smokers, electric grills, wood-fire pellet grills, and more at the lowest prices.

How to make a easy bbq with the family and friends?

Seach the perfect cooking tool for your parties here

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The size is an issue for areas of limited space, so a tiny barbecue can often be easier for storage. If you don’t have that kind of time or patience, consider buying a grill that’s super easy to build. On the other hand, if you want to get a nice sear on veggies, you will want a hotter grill.

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Fresh veggies and fruit are eatable, and even taste good, but for most food, it just tastes better when it’s been cooked. Flavor on food is developed and deepened when heat is applied. Caramelization, causes roasted vegetables to get sweeter, and meat becomes more flavory thanks to the Smoking or also called Maillard Reaction.Carbon gives a feel of the traditional flavour that comes from wood shaving, meantime a propane gas grill imparts a bacon-like savour. An advantage of a gas grill is that it produces more steam than its charcoal correlative, giving the food more moisture. Regarding the cooking time a charcoal grill takes more time to preheat.

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Remove the grill grates and metal plates from the bucket and scrub them with the grill brush before spray them down with a garden hose. A dip in the water bucket will do. If any holes are clogged, clean them out with a paper clip or other small piece of wire or a tube brush. Most of our products are dishwasher safe, however, we advice to avoid throwing it in there right away. Items such as your cooking grates, flavorizer bars and gourment BBQ system inserts should never be washed in the dishwasher as the hot steam could cause damage and ruin these items. Can I keep my barbecue uncover? This is perfectly alright. Although it’s recommended to have a cover for your grill, it is not necessary to keep your grill covered 24/7. Just don’t forget to give your barbecue a good wipe down about every sencond week, and cover it when necessary. The more you take care of your new cooking machine, the longer it can make great meals with you.

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Eating vegan food no longer means buying a vast list of ingredients for one single receipe. Meat substitutes are highly versatile and have come a long way in the taste department over the last few years. Don’t forget about fruits and vegetables here, as well. Even the pineapple when is grilled, it becomes a whole new thing. The mayor misconception people have about plant-based BBQ recipes is that they’re only for summer side dishes, but they are wrong. We have for example these very high density and cheerful mushrooms that have a flavor similar to chicken. Also Jackfruit, the colossal green-skinned tropical fruit, is an excellent substitute for pulled pork.

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