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Grill Heat Plate Parts for Home Depot Nexgrill 720-0830H, 720-0888N, 720-0888, 720-0864, 720-0896B, Stainless Steel Grill Heat Tent, Burner Cover, Flame Tamer for 4 Burner Members Mark 720-0830G
  • ❤【Stainless Steel 720-0830H Heat Tents Dimensions】: The Home Depot Nexgrill 720-0830H Parts measures 14 9/16 inch long, 4 3/16 inch wide , which is made of Stainless Steel; The Grill Parts includes 4 Heat Plates for Nexgrill 4 burner grill.
  • ❤【Grill Parts Compatible】: Grill Replacement Parts fits for Nexgrill 720-0830H, 720-0864, 720-0864M, 720-0888, 720-0888N, 720-0896, 720-0882S, 720-0888A, 720-0896CA, 720-0958A, 720-0896B, 720-0898; Members Mark 720-0830G, 720-0882D; Backyard Grill 720-0888M; BBQ Pro 122.47207610, 122.57901710, 720-0894R Grill Models.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Criditpid Replacement Parts for Nexgrill 720-0830H 720-0830D, Members Mark 720-0830F, BHG 720-0783H Grill, Heat Plate Shields Grill Burners Igniter for Nexgrill 4 Burner 720-0830H Home Depot
  • 【Fits Perfectly】:✅ Fits Home Depot Nexgrill Models: 720-0830H, 720-0830D, 720-0783E, 720-0830A,720-0888 Gas Grill. ✅ Grill Replacement Parts for Members Mark 720-0830F. ✅ Compatible with Kenmore 122.33492410, 720-0830A. ✅ Grill Parts Replacement for BHG 720-0783H, 720-0783W Gas Grill. ✅ Grill Parts Replacement for Kitchen Aid 720-0830A.
  • 【Essential BBQ Parts For 4 Burner Grill】: The nexgrill 720-0830h replacement parts includes 4 barbeque grill burners, 4 heat shields and 4 Igniter Electrode, perfect for use as replacement parts nexgrill 4 burner gas grill 720-0830h 720-0783E. Renew the performance of the accessories to enhance the life span of your grill, save time and save money.
Bestseller No. 3
SUONA Replacement Parts for Home Depot Nexgrill 720-0925s 720-0825 720-0894A, Grill Heat Plate for BBQ PRO 122.20148511 122.20148510 720-0894C 720-0894, Members Mark 720-0839, 14 9/16 inch 3 Pack
  • Grill Replacement Parts for ▲3 burner BBQ Pro 720-0894, 720-0894C, 122.20148510, 122.20148511; Fits nexgrill 720-0825, 720-0894A, 720-0925S; Members Mark720-0839. Grill parts for ▲4 burner nexgrill 720-0697, 720-0783, 720-0783E, 720-0783EF, 720-0830D, 720-0830H, 720-0830T, 720-0830HR, 720-0830HXA, 720-0925, 720-1008; Kenmore 122.33492410, 122.33492411; Members Mark 720/730-0830g; BHG 720-0783W.
  • Heat Shield replacement parts for ▲5 burner Home Depot nexgrill 720-0882A, 720-0882ae, 720-0882S, 720-0888, 720-0888N, 720-0888S, 720-0896, 04007677A0; Members Mark 720-0882D. Fits ▲6 burner nexgrill deluxe 720-0896b, 720-0896C, 720-0896E, 720-0896X, 720-0898; Expert 720-0969.
Bestseller No. 4
Criditpid Grill Parts Kit Compatible for Home Depot Nexgrill 720-0830H 720-0783E 720-0830A 720-0888N 720-0888, 4-Pack Burner Tubes & Heat Plates for Nexgrill Parts 720-0830H 4-Burner Grill
  • PERFECT FITS FOR NEXGRILL MODELS - 720-0830H Home Depot, 720-0783E, 720-0830A, 720-0864, 720-0864M, 720-0882S, 720-0888, 720-0888A, 720-0888N, 720-0894F, 720-0896CA, 720-0958A. Nexgrill 720-0830h replacement parts, includes 4 grill burners and 4 heat plates for your nexgrill grill.
  • REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR MORE GRILL MODELS - Grill Heat Plate Shield for Members Mark 720-0882D, 720-0830G; Backyard Grill 720-0888M, BBQ Pro 122.47207610, 122.57901710, 720-0894R.
Bestseller No. 5
Criditpid Replacement Parts for Home Depot Nexgrill 4 Burner 720-0830H 720-0864 720-0864m 720-0888 720-0888n, Heat Plate Shields and Grill Burners Grill Parts for Members Mark 720-0830G 720-0882D
  • 【Product Specification】★ Heat Tent: 14 9/16" x 4 3/16", Material: Porcelain Steel. ★ Burner Tube: 14 7/8" x 1", Material: Stainless Steel. ➤ The Nexgrill 720-0830H Parts includes 4 grill burner tubes and 4 grill heat plates.
  • ➤ Grill replacement parts for nexgrill 720-0830H, 720-0864, 720-0864M, 720-0882S, 720-0888, 720-0888A, 720-0888N, 720-0894F, 720-0896CA, 720-0958A, 720-0864R, 720-0925S, 720-0898, 730-0898, 720-0783E, 720-0830A, 720-0830D grill models.
Bestseller No. 6
Direct store Parts Kit DG262 Replacement for Home Depot Nexgrill 720-0830H, 720-0830D Gas Grill Models
  • Special Notes for this item: If you are looking for parts, the BRAND and MODEL No.# (if provided, this item might be compatible with) listed below are just for your reference as shopping guide. Please DO double check the size and shape of your original parts, and compare with ours before ordering.
  • Replacement for Nexgrill Models:720-0830H, 720-0830D Gas Grill Models;
Bestseller No. 7
Rejekar Heat Plates for Home Depot Nexgrill 5 Burner 720-0888, 720-0888N Gas Grill, Porcelain Steel Grill Heat Shield Tent, Flame Tamer, Burner Cover, Flavor Bar Replacement Parts, 5 Pack
  • Replacement Parts for Nexgrill Models: 5 Burner 720-0888, 720-0888N, 720-0830H, 720-0864, 720-0864M, 720-0882S, 720-0888A, 720-0894F, 720-0896CA, 720-0958A. Comes with 5pcs heat plates flame tamer
  • Replacement Parts for BBQ Pro Grill 122.47207610, 122.57901710, 720-0894R
Bestseller No. 8
Outdoor Bazaar Set of 5 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Replacement Heat Plates for Home Depot Nexgrill 5 Burner 720-0888, 720-0888N Gas Grills
  • Replacement for Nexgrill Models: 5 Burner 720-0888, 720-0888N, 720-0830H, 720-0864, 720-0864M, 720-0882S, 720-0888A, 720-0894F, 720-0896CA, 720-0958A
  • Replacement for BBQ Pro Grill 122.47207610, 122.57901710, 720-0894R. Also fits Backyard Grill 720-0888M; Members Mark Grill 720-0882D
Bestseller No. 9
Aoboco Gcostar Grill Parts Kit for for Home Depot Nexgrill 4 Burner 720-0830H, 720-0830D, 5 Burner 720-0888 BBQ Grill Replacement Stainless Steel Pipe Burner and Heat Plates Replacement Kit
  • ➤Product Materials & Size: Dimensions- Burner 14 7/8" x 1",, Heat Plate 14 9/16" x 3 3/8" .
  • ➤Fit Home Depot Nexgrill 4 Burner 720-0830H, 720-0830D, 5 Burner 720-0888.
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Why should you buy a bbq home depot ?

Your new bbq home depot is an investment that deserves to be cared for. Whether you’re ready for a grilling marathon or want an effortless way to elevate each meal, this bbq home depot has everything you need to get cooking on your new outdoor grill. Our amazing products are available online for you just here!

How to make a easy bbq with the family and friends?

Seach the perfect cooking tool for your parties here

Advantages and benefit of buying a bbq home depot

Whether you want to buy a gas bbq grill or a charcoal grill, you have to make sure to find one that suits your needs in our online store. Even so-called “stainless steel” grills will cut corners on joint areas which is where they’ll fall apart first. We actually sell top quality replacement parts for barbecue grills.

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The quickest, easiest and best way to make sure your PECI grilling grates last long enough is to brush them every time you use the bbq. Just preheat the grill on high for 15 minutes with the lid closed and then brush the grates clean with a stainless steel grill brush. Another, non-toxic way to scrub dirty grill rack clean without water is to wipe it down the food leftovers with an onion. You’re going to want to make sure your grill is on when doing so, as the heat activates the onion’s natural cleaning power. Apart of that when grilling in the rain, keep the lid closed to protect the burning charcoal or cooking wood from moisture. Whenever you open the lid, rain or at least moisture vapor in the air will get into the inside of your grill and potentially extinguish your fire unless is a gas barbebue.

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Our barbecues are build with porcelain-coated enamel or stainless steel, cast iron, and other high-quality materials. The fabric uses welds instead of fasteners when building grills, which takes more time and labor, but creates more durable, rustproof joins. This grill definately is worth the money it costs. If what you want is a three burner grill with some bells and whistles then you will love the one that comes with a sear station and side burners. Cooking area is expressed in terms of square inches. A typical three burner gas grill features 440-490 square inches of cooking area, which is by and large sufficient for the average household. As a safety measure, manufacturers require the grill to sit 2-3 feet away from the house and other combustible materials.

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We want to tell you about some stuff to consider before you start to look for a barbecue: know what you want from a barbecue, choose your heat source, do not buy accessories you will not use. If you are building your own any bricks will be ok as long as they are not in the actual flames area. If it is a tiny bbq use fire bricks sometimes called milner bricks. A good source would be the bricks you find in an old electric storage heater and just use them in the area where the fire is going to be. As a inaccurate guide, most people set their charcoal tray around 6 to 8 bricks courses up, but this is clearly up to you. You might want to add on a couple of courses above what will be your cooking tray so that you can add on a warming rack higher up. With proper care and maintenance, a good grill will last up to 10 years, and sometimes even more.

Check also our amazing Cuisinart portable barbecue to take and grill anywhere you like.