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Adviace Set of 5 Heat Plate Shields for Brinkmann 810-3660-S, 810-2511-S, 810-2512-S Grill Replacement Parts, 15 3/8" Porcelain Steel Gas Grill Heat Tent Flame Tamer Replacement for Uniflame, Aussie.
  • ★ Replacements for Uniflame Models: GBC091W, GBC831WB, GBC831WB-C, GBC831-WB, GBC831-WBC, GBC940WIR, GBC981W, GBC981W-C, GBC983W-C
  • ★Replacement for Brinkmann Models: 810-7231-W, 810-8300, 810-8300-W, 810-8300W, 810-8410-S,810-8410S, Portland 8300, Pro Series 8300, 810-8410-F,810-8410F, 810-8411-5, 810-8445F, 810-8445-F, 810-8446N , 810-8446-N, 810-9200-0, 810-9325-0, 810-9400-0, 810-9415F, 810-9415-F, 810-9415W , 810-9415-W, 810-9419, 810-9419-1, 810-9500-0, 810-9520-S, 810-9590-S, 810-9610-F, 810-9620-0, Evanston, Pro series 810-9400-0
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YIHAM KC637 BBQ Grill Stainless Steel Crossover Carryover Burner Tube Channel Replacement Parts for Select Models by Brinkmann, Charmglow Gas Grills, Set of 3
  • Dimensions: 7 9/16'' x 2 3/8''; Material: Stainless Steel. 3-Pack
  • Fits Brinkmann Models: 810-1420-0, 810-1455-S, 810-1456-S, 810-1470, 810-1470-0, 810-1575-W, 810-2410-S, 810-2411-F, 810-2411-S, 810-4580-F, 810-4580-S, 810-4580-SB, 810-7451-F, 810-8533-S, 810-8534-S, 810-9415-F, 810-9415-W, 810-9425-W
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Direct Store Parts Kit DG132 Replacement for Gas Grill Brinkmann 810-1575-W Gas Grill Parts Kit (Stainless Steel Burner + Stainless Steel Carry-Over Tubes + Porcelain Steel Heat Plate)
  • Special Notes for this item: If you are looking for parts, the BRAND and MODEL No.# (if provided, this item might be compatible with) listed below are just for your reference as shopping guide. Please DO double check the size and shape of your original parts, and compare with ours before ordering.
  • Replacement for Gas Grill Brinkmann Pro Series 1575 Stainless Steel 5 Burner 810-1575-W; Original Part Numbers: 600-7100-0, 812-7140-0, 600-1575-4
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Grillkid SG06 Spark Generator Replacement for Select Gas Grill Models by Brinkmann, Charbroil, Nexgrill and Others, 6 Male Spade Connector Outlets
  • Universal push button battery powered spark generator with 6 male spade connector outlets.
  • Fits various models of Amana, Brinkmann, Charbroil, Charmglow, Coleman, Grand Café, Grill Chef, Grill Mate, Jenn Air, Kenmore Sears, K-Mart, Master Chef, Master Forge, Nexgrill, Patio Range, Perfect Flame, Sams Club, and Uniflame grills.
Bestseller No. 6
Direct Store Parts DB102 (4-Pack) Cast Iron Burner Replacement for Brinkmann, Charmglow, Costco Kirkland, Grill Zone, Nexgrill and Other Gas Grills (4)
  • Special Notes for this item: If you are looking for parts, the BRAND and MODEL No.# (if provided, this item might be compatible with) listed below are just for your reference as shopping guide. Please DO double check the size and shape of your original parts, and compare with ours before ordering.
  • Dimensions: 12 7/8" x 2 1/8"; Material: Cast Iron ; Direct store Parts Kit includes 4 Cast Iron burners; replacement for original Part Numbers: 154-2500-0, 154-4400-5, 154-4415-0, 154-4615-0, P02001006C, P1935F, P1935A, CIKR;
Bestseller No. 7
Music City Metals 50041 Porcelain Steel Wire Cooking Grid Replacement for Gas Grill Model Brinkmann 810-4220-S
  • Listing is for a single gooking grid.
  • 16.6875 x 21.75 inch porcelain steel wire cooking grid
Bestseller No. 8
Hisencn Repair Parts for Brinkman Brinkmann 810-2410-S, 810-1420-0, 810-1420-1, 810-1470-0, Grill Burner, Porcelain Heat Plate, Adjustable Carryover Tubes Replacement for Brinkmann Gas Grill Models
  • 【Fits For Brinkmann 4 Burner Grill】 Fits for brinkman 810-1420-0 replacement parts, fits for brinkman 810-1470 replacement parts, fits for brinkman 810-1470-0 replacement parts, grill parts brinkman 810-2410-S, fits for brinkman 810-2411s replacement parts, fits for brinkman replacement parts 810-1420-0, fits for brinkman 810-1470 parts.
  • 【Product Details】 Burner Dimensions: 15 5/16" x 1", Material: Stainless Steel; Heat Plate Dimensions: 15 3/8" x 3 15/16", Material: Porcelain Steel; Cross Over Channel Dimensions: adjustable from 4 to 7.5", Material: Stainless Steel.
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Brinkmann Gas Grill Steel Lava Rock Charcoal Grate W Drip 11 X 22.3 Inch
  • Brinkmann Gas Grill Steel Lava Rock Charcoal Grate W Drip 11 X 22.3 Inch
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Why should you buy a brinkmann gas grill ?

How did our shop & barbecue happened in the same place is a question we usally get. If you are looking for the best place to buy a grill, at the lowest prices, then check and shop our selection today! You will not regret, brinkmann gas grill in always a good investment, you will keep it for ages and probably will give you the best moments in life with your family and friends.

How to make a easy bbq with the family and friends?

Seach the perfect cooking tool for your parties here

Advantages and benefit of buying a brinkmann gas grill

The size is an issue for areas of limited space, so a tiny barbecue can often be easier for storage. If you don’t have that kind of time or patience, consider buying a grill that’s super easy to put together. On the other hand, if you want to get a nice sear on veggies, you will want a hotter grill.

Buy your brinkmann gas grill online was never that easy

Fresh veggies and fruit are eatable, and even taste good, but for most food, it just tastes better when it’s been grilled. Flavor on food is developed and deepened when heat is applied. Caramelization, causes roasted vegetables to get sweeter, and meat becomes more flavory thanks to the Smoking or also called Maillard Reaction.Carbon gives a feel of the traditional flavour that comes from wood chips, meantime a propane gas grill imparts a bacon-like taste. An advantage of a gas grill is that it produces more vapour than its charcoal counterpart, giving the food more moisture. Regarding the cooking time a charcoal grill takes more time to heat up.

Types and models of brinkmann gas grill : Pros and Cons

Guides for you to become a brinkmann gas grill expert:

Lava rock is suitable for use, at home and outdoor, propane or natural gas firepits and can also be used indoors and outside in all your landscaping and special project. They are able to maintain their temperature for an hour at a time, making them an unbelievable energy-saving way to grill food, with maximum use of the energy produced by the gas burner. Also is maintenance free but we do advice the rock to be removed from your firepit once a year and splashed it with clean water. So how long does Lava Rock last? This is dependent on use, on average we would recommend every 2 years as soon as the rocks become small enough to allow fat to drip down on to the burners or when the coals burst into flames due to fat saturation.

The perfect brinkmann gas grill to grill, out in your garden.

Tips and Tricks for brinkmann gas grill Lovers:

Wash off the water, dust, oil, adhesives, coatings, and other gunk that may have accumulated on your barbecue grill at the factory or the store by burning it for 15 to 25 minutes before cooking in it the first time. Open up the lid before lighting the BBQ up according to the manufacturer’s directions, then set the burners up to high and close the lid. You should cover your grill after every use once it has got cooler. While some worry that a grill cover will encourage rusting, this is a myth. Stainless steel grills must be kept covered between uses to make sure garden chemicals and other corrosive agents won’t act on the metal and deteriorate it. When cleaning cast iron grates, burn off any food left over on the grates and then let the grates cool to finish them scrubing with the nylon cleaning brush. After cleaning the grates, dry and impregante them with vegetable oil to prevent rust from forming.

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