Natural gas barbecue grill

cuisinart bbq tool set
cuisinart bbq tool set

When buying a barbecue like cuisinart bbq grill, there are many models available, among the most sold, the indoor natural gas barbecue grill stand out for being fast, efficient and economically priced.

On th other hand we have the expert grill outdoor lp gas barbecue grill made for people with skill and barbecue lovers.

Best gas barbecue grills on sale:

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What are the advantages of these barbecues?

Gas barbecue grill reviews

Exactly what advantages do they have for you to decide to buy for a gas barbecue grill? First of all, the speed of the ignition. You just have to press a button and wait about 5 minutes to start. This helps to make the cooking task faster and with much more room for improvisation.

Gas barbecue grill reviews
Gas barbecue grill

Gas grill sale

For some, a gas grills on sale is associated with making a lot of smoke. The smoke is not unpleasant for many people, but for those who do, gas barbecues on sale are perfect. They do not generate it either when lighting or during cooking, which makes them much healthier.

The best barbecues in the world is characterized by its fast ignition and low smoke when preparing the food.

Another remarkable advantage is that these barbecues allow better control of the power. With other barbecues, such as charcoal ones, you must place the charcoal evenly on each side of the barbecue so that the heat is well distributed. With gas barbecue grill it is not necessary, because with the push of a few buttons you can light one area or another of the barbecue.

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In addition, the intensity of the heat is totally adjustable, with wood or charcoal barbecues, the flames can grow until they touch the food, which can burn the surface and leave the interior too raw.

Gas barbecue grill usually have a longer life than a charcoal barbecue. The greater durability of these barbecues makes that, although the investment is greater to buy a barbecue of superior characteristics, the long the investment is more profitable and therefore, the gas barbecue grill is cheaper.

Best barbecues to buy

On the other hand there is the issue of security. Since it uses gas, these barbecues are much safer than coal ones, because the chances of an ember jumping because of the wind and causing a fire are reduced. With this type of barbecue you don’t have to worry.

Space for some could be a problem, since gas barbecues are usually large. However, nowadays there are small and even portable models of gas barbecues for those who want to go to the country or do not have so much space in the garden.

How to choose the ideal gas barbecue grill?

Are you not sure what you should consider when buying your gas barbecue grill? It can be difficult to see so many models on the market, but these are the things to consider:

Gas Barbecues
  • The size: What size do you need for your gas barbecue grill? Keep in mind that these are larger than other types of barbecues, so you may need a lot of space. But, if your idea is to take it with you when you go on a trip, you will have to look for a more compact model.
  • Will you use it often: do you like to have family gatherings, or will you only buy it for special occasions? Depending on what you want it for, you will be interested in a cheaper model or invest in a more expensive one.
  • Lid or no lid: Did you know that there are models of gas barbecue grills that are sold without a lid? This is what is commonly known as a gas grill. It is much better if it has a lid, because it helps the food get better. But you still like the way the food looks without a lid.
  • Location: Although the location of a gas barbecue is not as hard to decide as with a charcoal one, it is important to make sure you have the necessary space to install it.

How to use a gas barbecue grill correctly?

Do you think that grilling on a gas barbecue grill is something you will learn in one day? Of course not! If you want the food you prepare on it to be perfect, you are going to have to learn a series of tricks:

  • The grill is always clean: Does it seem obvious to you? For many it is not so obvious. It is true that this type of butane barbecue does not need to be cleaned as much as others, but the smoke from the grill leaves a bad taste in the food if it is not cleaned well. In addition, the fat generated by the heat will also stick to the grill, and this can spoil the flavor of some dishes. For example, if you’ve cooked fish before, and you don’t clean it well, the flavor could stick to the meat.
  • Watch out for bursts: Yes, gas barbecue grills are safe, but when the fat in the food mixes with a spark, or flame, an unexpected burst can occur. To avoid this, you must have an empty part of the grill, so that you can move the food in case the flame rises.
  • Sugar and heat, what do you need to know: There are foods that are cooked with sauces, and these are very rich in sugar. Sugar burns when it reaches a temperature of 130º C. When you cook this type of food, you should make sure that your barbecue does not exceed this temperature.
  • Always keep an eye on the barbecue: It is great fun to be at a meeting with friends and family while the barbecue is busy preparing the dishes, but are you going to leave it unattended? One mistake and it could spoil the cooking point, cause a fire or go out without you noticing and spoil your evening.
  • Perfect cooking point: Gas barbecue grill can reach a temperature of up to 300º C. This does not mean that all the food you are going to cook with it should be done at this temperature. For example, lamb, pork or beef should be cooked at a high temperature, but fish, vegetables or chicken should be cooked at medium heat. You will have to be patient with the cooking times.
  • Do you know how to use the seal: To obtain the best flavor in a barbecue, the seal is one of the great secrets of the cooking in this type of instruments. It helps to give an excellent flavor to the meat, like caramelized. To do this, you have to heat the grill to the maximum, place the meat and wait a minute. After the minute, turn it over, reduce the heat and finish cooking.
  • Learn to use indirect heat: To grill some types of meat, such as chicken, it is better to use indirect heat. To do this, you have to turn off the burners under the meat and light only those in the corners. In this way the meat will not be overcooked and will have a unique texture.

How should a gas bbq be cleaned?

If this is the first time you have a gas barbecue grill, you may not know how to clean it. There are two types of cleaning for this type of barbecue; one after each use and the annual one.

For the general one, you will have to light the barbecue, with the oven cover closed, for about 20 minutes. This will burn off the remains of fat and food, achieving a quick partial cleaning. After 20 minutes, turn off the barbecue and let it cool down. Then disconnect the gas cylinder and the burners. Use a brass brush to clean the grill, and then use a sponge wet with mild soap (containing neutral pH) and warm water. You will have to do the same with the baffles. Do not use abrasive products, as this will damage the enamel of the barbecue.

What about the rest of the barbecue? One or two a year will be enough. For the burners you will have to remove them, removing the back clip, and wash them with a steel barbecue brush. Make sure you are cleaning the holes of the burners, thus ensuring maximum cleanliness. To clean the interior well, you can use a watering hose, introducing it through the hole. Once finished, let it dry.

The lid is the easiest area to clean, since you only need a sponge, a barbecue cleaner and warm water. In case there are white stains, or corrosion, you can use cooking oil. Bathe a cloth in this oil and apply it with circular movements.

The side trays will depend on the material. If it is wood, you can use teak oil, but if it is steel, better use a barbecue cleaner. Finally, the floor. This type of barbecue can generate stains that are very difficult to clean. Therefore, it is better to install a barbecue pad or mats for splashes.

Where should you put your gas barbecue grill?

The great advantage of this type of barbecue is that it is much easier to locate than other types. You can have it on a terrace or in the garden, without any problem, since they are much safer and there is not as much chance of fire.

Even if they don’t make so much smoke, the ideal is that they are not near doors or windows. It is also not recommended that it is near the area where you are going to eat, since the smell of gas could be annoying for your guests.

Gas barbecue grills are ideal for skewers. Since size is a negative factor in this type of barbecue, you should look for a place with plenty of space to install it. Generally, they are put on terraces, but if you have a large garden, you can also have it in that area without problems.

Better or worse than other barbecues?

This barbecue also has some disadvantages. For example, there is its price. While it may be safer, charcoal barbecues are a more economical investment. In addition, you have to be careful that the gas cylinder does not run out of gas.

In addition, you cannot enjoy the fantastic experience of lighting a barbecue. On the other hand, you can’t take it anywhere. These barbecues are big and heavy, and you have to add the extra weight of the cylinder. Although there are smaller models, they are much more bulky than other types of barbecues.

The stainless steel gas barbecue grill has a high durability.
Even so, they have the great advantage that they are easier to locate in some area of your land, without having to worry that a fire may be caused by a small oversight.