Best offers in Open Pit barbecue in 2020 – 2021

Bestseller No. 1
Open Pit Barbecue Sauce, Original, 18 Ounce (Pack of 6)
  • Authentic spicy blend of seasoning in a vinegar-based red sauce that delivers a traditional barbecue taste
  • Tastes great on chicken, beef, or pork
Bestseller No. 2
Open Pit Original BBQ Sauce, 18 Oz (Pack of 3)
  • Authentic Open Pit Barbecue Sauce, Features a unique, robust, and tangy flavor,Tastes great on chicken, beef, or pork, A favorite since 1953
Bestseller No. 3
Open Pit Blue Label Original Barbecue Sauce, 18 oz.
  • Contains one 18-ounce bottle of Open Pit Blue Label Original Barbecue Sauce
  • Enjoy a unique blend of quality ingredients and spices for a smoky BBQ sauce you will love
SaleBestseller No. 5
Open Pit Thick & Tangy Barbecue Sauce - 18 Ounce Squeeze Bottle -Original Flavor-(Pack of 4)
  • Perfect right out of the bottle or as a base for creating your own secret sauce
  • Tastes great on chicken, beef, or pork
Bestseller No. 7
Open Pit Honey BBQ Sauce (3 Pack)
  • 3 - 18 Oz. (510g) Bottles
  • A unique blend of seasonings, spices and honey that gives our sauce its distinctive flavor
Bestseller No. 8
Open Pit Thick and Tangy Original BBQ Sauce (3 Pack)
  • 3 - 18 Oz. (510g) Bottles
  • Our Thick & Tangy recipe begins with the same great recipe as our original Blue Label sauce, but is thicker for better coating when grilling!
Bestseller No. 9
Open Pit -NEW Flavor- Thick and Sweet Barbecue Sauce - Brown Sugar and Bourbon - 18 oz. (Pack of 3)
  • Barbecue sauce with the sweet and delicious flavor combination of bourbon and brown sugar
  • Perfect as a dipping sauce right out of the bottle, or for doctoring up your favorite family recipes
Open Pit barbecue

Why should you buy a Open Pit barbecue ?

Your relatives can have a life changing barbecue experience with this Open Pit barbecue, exclusive in its kind and able to do the ultimate cooking. Bbq remains one of the most historic foods in the United States tend to bring people together and serve as a bonding experience at any time of the year. Usually competitions are held in large open areas where the public will be admitted as well and barbecue is served to all.

How to make a easy bbq with the family and friends?

Seach the perfect cooking tool for your parties here

Advantages and benefit of buying a Open Pit barbecue

If you’re looking for a grills on sale, the good news is that they make up most of the grill deals we list. The deep cookbox is made of heavy cast aluminum and the lid has a stainless steel insert and for the sake of your mental health , invest in a satisfactory quality BBQ thermometer to figure out the progress of what’s cooking.

Buy your Open Pit barbecue online was never that easy

The fastest, easiest and best way to make sure your PECI grilling grates last as long as possible is to brush them every time you use the bbq. Just preheat the grill on high for 15 minutes with the lid closed and then brush the grates clean with a stainless steel grill brush. Another, non-toxic way to scrub dirty grill rack clean without water is to wipe it down the food leftovers with an onion. You’re going to want to make sure your grill is on when doing so, as the heat activates the onion’s natural cleaning power. Apart of that when grilling in the rain, keep the lid closed to protect the burning charcoal or cooking wood from moisture. Whenever you open the lid, rain or at least moisture vapor in the air will enter the inside of your grill and potentially extinguish your fire unless is a gas barbebue.

Types and models of Open Pit barbecue : Pros and Cons

Guides for you to become a Open Pit barbecue expert:

Lava rock is suitable for use, at home and outdoor, propane or natural gas firepits and can also be used indoors and outside in all your landscaping and special project. They are able to maintain their heat for an hour at a time, making them an fantastic efficient way to grill food, with maximum use of the energy produced by the gas burner. Also is maintenance free but we do advice the rock to be removed from your firepit once a year and splashed it with clean water. So how long does Lava Rock last? This is dependent on use, on average we would recommend every 2 years as soon as the rocks become small enough to allow fat to drip down on to the burners or when the coals catch fire due to fat saturation.

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Tips and Tricks for Open Pit barbecue Lovers:

We want to tell you about some stuff to contemplate before you start to look for a barbecue: know what you want from a barbecue, choose your heat source, do not buy accessories you will not use. If you are building your own any bricks will be fine as long as they are not in the actual flames area. If it is a small bbq use fire bricks sometimes called milner bricks. A good source would be the bricks you find in an old electric storage heater and just use them in the area where the fire is going to be. As a inaccurate guide, most people set their charcoal tray around 8 to 10 bricks courses up, but this is clearly up to you. You might want to add on a couple of courses above what will be your cooking tray so that you can add on a warming rack higher up. With proper care and maintenance, a good grill will last up to 10 years, and sometimes even more.

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